Laith Hazim Qumsiyeh

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Professional Experience


Feb 2008  Present

Nassar Investment Group                             Bethlehem, Palestine

Central Information Technology Manager


Sept 2006  June 2008

Al-Quds Open University                        Bethlehem, Palestine

Computer Instructor


Jan 2002 Present

Palestine Wildlife Society                     Beit-Sahour, Palestine

Computer Technician and Webmaster


Summer 2001

PCNC 2000 Networking                         Bethlehem, Palestine

Computer Technician




March 2005 — June 2006

The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences                                                                            Amman, Jordan 

Master's of Science in Computer Information Systems

§     Accumulative Average: 89.3 (Excellent Standing)



Sept. 2001 — Jan. 2005

Arab American University                             Jenin, Palestine

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology

§     Graduate Point Average:  3.78  (Excellent Standing)

§     Major Cumulative Average: 3.94


Sept. 1989 — June 2001

Talitha Kumi                                                  Beit-Jala, Palestine

Tawjihi Certificate

§     Average 94.8% (Science Stream)



August 22nd — August 29th 2004

Estarta Solutions                                              Amman, Jordan

Visual Studio .net  Developer



July 19th August 19th 2004

Jordan Data Systems                                        Amman, Jordan

Networking And Computer Maintenance



April 01st — June 20th 2003

80 Contact Hours Training Program               Jenin, Palestine

JAVA Development Certified Professional


Skills Summary

Web Development

§     HTML, JavaScript, ColdFusion,, JSP, ASP, PHP.

Programming Languages

§     C++, Java, and Visual Basic.


§     Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Ms Access.


§     Network Design & Implementation, Router & Hardware Configuration.


·         Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge, Ulead Video Studio.


Some of the good Projects I have done

·  Database: we developed a database system for Al-Zababda Municipality that handles all the electricity, water, taxes transactions in the town; we used Oracle for the database and Visual Basic for the interface.

·  Web Design: I designed a Personal website, and the university Website that was used for a while during my studies, also some organizations like the Palestine Wildlife Society (

·  Web Development:

o        I developed an Application Server for the Palestine Wildlife Society in Beit-Sahour using Visual Studio .net and SQL Server 2000, which have different authentication levels and user views (

o        We developed a prepaid B2C system using ColdFusion, by which customers could buy products from the web server using prepaid cards; the system has a fully automated buying process.

·  Programming: I programmed two games in java environment (Towers of Hanoi and Snake), also I programmed a route planning system using java and JBuilder, and I programmed a matrix manipulation program using C++.

·  Computer Graphics: I designed a 3D Environment with a House that you can walk in and out and open and close a door.


Volunteer experience

Summer  2003

Municipality of Beit-Sahour                     Beit-Sahour, Palestine

Completed 120 hours in community service


Awards received

§         Was awarded a Certificate of Honor in Physics in 1999.

§         Received several awards in Gymnastics, and ranked the first in all of them.

§         Remained on the dean's list for four consecutive semesters at the Arab American University.

§         Received two awards in computer skills in the 10th and 11th grades at Talitha Kumi.


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Phone +972-2-2774532
Fax +972-2-2774532
P.O. Box 198
West Bank

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